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Hey Friend! I'm Toni - your wine lady next door. I live near Raleigh, NC with my BFF, Tigerlily. I've been working as a graphic designer for the last three decades and love what I do. I also love having fun, WINE, and doing things that make an immediate impact to my community.

I joined ONEHOPE Wine in 2019. After 30+ years in corporate America, I've been considering what's next for me. ONEHOPE fits the FUN, WINE, and IMPACT needs for me. Helping animals is a big deal for me - I've always said I would love to run a cat rescue if money were not a concern. I think it would be called Tigerlily's Pad! :) 

I'd love to help you learn about wine.

I'd love to help you launch your own wine business.

I'd love to help you help your favorite cause. 

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Wine Fundraisers are fun and easy and can happen anytime and most anywhere - even virtually! 

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